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MARTINEZ de la CASA ARCHITECTS is the top practice within the region of Murcia, Almeria and Alicante for the total number of stamped Antiquity Certificates in 2013 and 2014, providing all types of certificates and licenses at the best affordable prices.

The Antiquity Certificate is the document needed at the Notary to update the Title Deeds with any alterations introduced to the property, such as pools or extensions, done with or without a license. In the case of having done an extension or pool without a license, the Antiquity Certificate, frecuently known by the general public as “RETROSPECTIVE LICENCE”, is also very useful to guard against possible sanctions/fines, and to protect/state the legal situation of the property in case the law was changed in Murcia also.

In any case it's highly recommended to avoid putting off potential buyers, due to the existence of undeclared buildings even if done with a license, to have your Antiquity Certficate ready. In the case that registration is not possible, the Antiquity Certificate serves to offer any potential buyer the maximum possible security against Townhall penalties.

This helps you to guard against possible sanctions and highly recommendable to avoid putting off potential buyers due to the existence of undeclared buildings in Title Deeds, even if done with license.

Due to the great upsurge in requests for Antiquity Certificates in response to NEW VALENCIA LAW CHANGING THE MINIMUM TIME FROM 4 TO 15 YEARS within Alicante, (and with property owners in other regions, Murcia and Almeria, also foreboding the law could change for them too in the near future), Martinez de la Casa Architects has been able to greatly reduce prices; therefore the price of a Pool Antiquity Certificate in all MURCIA, ALMERIA and ALICANTE is now at 190 €+IVA (previously 250€+IVA), and for Extensions plus Pool, or for the complete property, we can now offer the Antiquity Certificate at 270 €+IVA (previously 353 €+IVA). The only condition in Murcia according to the current land law is that the building/pool to certify was built over 4 years ago. If your solicitors are studying your case, ask them to contact us to provide the Antiquity Certificate and we will make the whole process easier, faster and cheaper for you.

■ Antiquity Certificate for Swimming Pools__________190€+IVA

■ AAntiquity Certificate for Extensions_______________270€+IVA

If you want to have certified your extension or pool now to protect against possible future changes in the laws that may effect you and you wish to have your Antiquity Certificate issued now, Martinez de la Casa Architects will arrange an appointment to survey the pool/extension requiring only your NIE and current Title Deeds. Later using satelitte images and software we check the age of the pool/extension (pictured is an example used in the process for Antiquity Certificate) and combine this with the measurements and documentation taken during our on-site visit. The Antiquity Certificate is stamped by the Official College of Architects or at the Notary, and delivered within 7-10 days. The applicant can then either update and register the Title Deeds, or wait for change of Property Titleholder's at the Notary.

*Please note you must add IVA (Vat) to these prices.